3 months ago
Bride Who Set $1,000 Weight-Based Wedding Dress Code Is Now Holding a "Polygraph Party"

Get any wedding invites lately? Hopefully, not from this bride! #Bridezilla

To find the person(s) responsible for sharing her absurd rules with the Internet.

3 months ago
Texas Highsteppers receive top awards at Rose Capital Regional Competition | Texarkana Today

Congratulations to the Texarkana, Texas Highsteppers!!!

The Texas HighSteppers of Texas High School were named to the Regional Champion Winner’s Circle and received numerous top awards during the Marching Auxiliaries Rose Capital Regional Competition in ... See more

3 months ago
Click here to support Paul Agu Family Fund organized by Alex Ackley

Paul Agu was a 9 year old student at Avery ISD. Earlier this week, Paul passed away, in his sleep, from complications of the flu.
As a parent, I would be questioning how I will get thru the next ... See more

Paul Agu was a wonderful young man. Active in school sports and a great student who loved to read. Huge Dallas Cowboys fan, who also loved green Jolly Ranchers, red markers, pizza, and his basketball ... See more

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